Sensor | Smoke Detector Controller

Part-No./Function Interface FlexRayTM Standard Recommended IMAX Efficiency Output Range Transducer frequency Driver output Memory Detection Sensitivity Bandwidth VBAT VOUT VSUPPLY Protection ISUPPLY IPEAK IMAX DC P(Motor) peak P(Motor)max VDD VER Iq RDSON ESD (kV) Bitrate Cranking Support High-Side Driven Low-Side Driven Bi-Stabil Included µC Feed-Back Inputs Package Status Comment
Smoke Detector (FLASH)
8V to 50V 60V Configurable: Down to 88µA


  • For network addressable, optical smoke detectors
  • 1.5 to 45nA photo current input range
  • 8bit μC, 4kB FLASH, 32B EEPROM, 128B RAM
  • Configurable/programmable loop interface