Smart Home: more Comfort and more Energy Efficiency

Can the light detect whether or not I'm in the room?

Does my heating system know my comfort temperature?

Can I achieve an ideal indoor environment within my four walls?

And is this possible while also saving energy?

Answers to these questions are available here in the new Elmos knowledge base on the topic of "intelligent living". This website explains how electronic applications can make life in our own four walls simpler, safer and more comfortable. Here, Elmos presents a selection of sensors and power supply semiconductors which are ideal for precisely this type of application: From smoke detectors to HALIOSĀ® switches or KNX home network chips.

With Elmos ICs, it's possible to only have lights turned on where they are needed. Or: Only "used" rooms are heated to the specified comfort temperature. The rooms in a house, for example, are ventilated in a controlled manner so that the energy loss due to room ventilation is minimised. Presence detectors control the lights or heating system. Sunlight sensors are used in conjunction with temperature sensors to control the heating system. Shutters or blinds are controlled to optimise the room climate controls.

If Smart Metering is used, consumers are able to view the current and average energy consumption values and to track down peaks in energy consumption. This data analysis and control can be performed remotely via your Smartphone or Tablet PC and helps to optimise energy consumption.

Elmos makes key contributes to these systems in various areas. With a broad range of sensors, power supplies and intelligent controllers, we are able to create a comfortable indoor environment while simultaneously supporting the most efficient use of energy.



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